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Welcome to iKitchens!

Hello, and welcome to iKitchens! Have you always wanted to own your own food business but don’t want to make the large investment that it takes to own a commercial kitchen? Or, maybe you would like to expand your catering business but don’t have the room to prep and store your food? With iKitchens, you can get access to a licensed and inspected kitchen in San Jose, commercial-grade appliances, and more when you rent kitchen space with us. All you have to pay is one manageable monthly fee. Keep reading to learn more!

Why Rent Kitchen Space?

If you’re planning to make and sell food to the public, it’s required that you use a licensed and inspected kitchen. And, if you plan to grow your business, trying to work out of a small kitchen with the same type of appliances that you have at home just won’t do. That’s why so many people choose to rent kitchen space in a facility that offers the use of commercial equipment and appliances. These items are incredibly expensive to purchase outright so trying to stock your own commercial kitchen isn’t feasible for most businesses that are just starting out.

In addition to saving money on finding your own kitchen and then stocking it with the equipment you need, renting kitchen space also lets you save on other things such as water, electricity, sewage, and pest control. By only having to make one easy payment per month, you can save money and invest it back into your business.

Why Choose iKitchens?

iKitchens was designed to help small business owners achieve their culinary dreams. We accomplish this in several ways:

Flexible, Dedicated, or Shared Kitchen Space

Every business is unique and has different needs with regard to kitchen space. Some may only need a place to prep food for a few hours here and there, while others may want to rent a dedicated kitchen as a means of supplying their food truck seven days a week. Whatever your needs are, iKitchens has a flexible and customizable package that will work for you. Need access to a kitchen 24-hours a day? No problem! Need a place to hook up your food truck while you prepare your menu? We’ve got you covered. Just let us know how we can help and we’ll be happy to accommodate.

Dedicated Food Truck Parking

There are several places where you can park a food truck when it’s not in use, but how many places offer you the use of a fully-stocked commercial kitchen as well? When you rent with iKitchens, we’ll give you the opportunity to use our kitchen space and all of the equipment in it along with overnight parking for your food truck, electric hookups, wastewater and cooking oil disposal, and more. You’ll have safe and secure parking and access to the resources you need to create a thriving business without the large, upfront investment.

Get Help With Licensing and Permits

One of the most difficult parts of starting and running a food business is handling all of the licensing and permits. When you work with iKitchens, you won’t have to worry about getting all of the necessary permits and licenses that go along with owning a commercial kitchen — that’s because our facility has already been inspected and approved by the local health department. You’ll just need a copy of your liability insurance and a food handler’s certificate.

Looking for guidance on what licensing and permits are required to run your business out of another California location, such as a food truck? We can help with that too. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions so you can take the necessary steps to ensure you’re in compliance with all regulations.

Too Many Benefits To Mention

If you've read this far, you can probably see the many benefits of choosing to rent kitchen space through iKitchens, but in fact, there are even more reasons to choose us. For instance:

  • Ability to bring in your own equipment

  • Dedicated prep space

  • Spacious work areas

  • On-site storage

  • Access to sinks, utensils, and small wares

  • Work with other like-minded people in your industry

  • Affordable rates

Contact iKitchens To Get Started

Are you interested in learning more about iKitchens or have a specific question we can answer about renting kitchen space in San Jose? Just fill out our online contact form or give us a call today!