Shared Kitchen Palo Alto

The Easiest Way To Grow Your Restaurant or Catering Business

Renting or buying your own commercial kitchen space and setting it up from the ground up is expensive and time-consuming. For many small businesses just getting started, it’s simply not an option. Fortunately, that’s where iKitchens can help. We have licensed, dedicated, and shared commercial kitchen space available for rent in Palo Alto. Each kitchen comes stocked with standard commercial equipment, plus we can also custom-build a space for your specific requirements. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about getting permits and licensing — our kitchens are ready to go and available to you whenever you need them.

Get the space you want without having to pay for more than you need. Contact us today to discuss our affordable rates and customized packages.


Benefits of renting with iKitchens:

  • Affordable rates

  • Less risk than paying for your own space

  • Customized packages to meet your needs

  • Multiple locations

  • 24-hour access

  • Save time and make money faster

  • Access to commercial-grade equipment

  • Ability to bring in your own equipment

  • Utilities are included

  • Work with other like-minded people in your industry

  • Focus on your business instead of worrying about overhead

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