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Sometimes finding the right space to make your food can be the hardest thing. Here at iKitchens, the top-rated commissary kitchen in San Jose, CA, we want to provide culinary experts of all kinds with a safe and comfortable place to create their dishes. Whether you’re a caterer looking for a place to work, or a budding chef just looking for a space to practice your art, iKitchens is the perfect place for you. However, what exactly is a commissary kitchen? Here are the top things you should know about shared kitchen spaces.

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Food trucks are all the rage in today’s world, especially here in San Jose, CA. Taking on a market of their very own, food trucks are a great way for budding entrepreneurs and chefs to create a truly unique culinary experience that can service a much larger audience than a traditional restaurant. In today’s blog, iKitchen, the providers of some of the best commercial kitchen space in San Jose, will be going over some tips you can use to help make starting your new food truck even easier. Keep scrolling to learn more, or contact us today to...

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Owning a business is never easy — it requires hard work, dedication, and plenty of resources. Over the past couple of decades, the market for small and independent food businesses has exploded with thousands of people focused on bringing their idea for a food truck, catering business, or new food product to life.


Small, independent food businesses are on the rise. More people than ever before are forgoing traditional methods of employment and instead, choosing to follow their dreams of creating and selling food. Unfortunately, starting your own food business can be tough. First, you’ll need a licensed and inspected commercial kitchen to work out of, and the cost to own one is usually too much for someone who is just starting out. Also, it’s a big risk to invest so much capital upfront when you would be better served using that money to market your product and get well-established.

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Hello, and welcome to iKitchens! Have you always wanted to own your own food business but don’t want to make the large investment that it takes to own a commercial kitchen? Or, maybe you would like to expand your catering business but don’t have the room to prep and store your food? With iKitchens, you can get access to a licensed and inspected kitchen in San Jose, commercial-grade appliances, and more when you rent kitchen space with us. All you have to pay is one manageable monthly fee. Keep reading to learn more!