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Have you always wanted to own your own food business but don’t have the money to buy and furnish your own kitchen? Fortunately, iKitchens offers dedicated kitchen space for a low monthly fee. We supply the equipment, utilities, and space and you just show up and start cooking! Have a bigger project in mind? Contact us today and ask us about custom-building a space to meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for commercial kitchen space for rent, you probably have quite a few questions. Read through some of the most frequently asked ones below or give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

How Does iKitchens Work?

We offer a completely equipped, licensed, and insured shared facility paired with a clean and professional environment where you can start and grow your dream food venture. At iKitchens, you can easily prep all of your ingredients, test your recipes, prepare batch meals, bake large orders, or launch your catering business. You can even park your food truck in our parking lot!

How Much Does It Cost To Use iKitchens?

Our goal is to help small and up-and-coming businesses of all sizes. That’s why we are proud to offer affordable packages that can be customized to meet your needs. They start at just $450 per month with a $1,000 annual licensing fee and include the use of the kitchen and equipment during your scheduled time as well as utilities and extras like electricity, water, sewage, pest control, and more.

Do I Need Any Licensing or Permits To Sell My Food Prepared at iKitchens?

That’s one of the biggest benefits of renting commercial kitchen space instead of buying your own. When you rent with iKitchens, we take care of all of the licensing and permits. Our facility has already been inspected and approved by the local health department so the food you prepare here can be sold to the public. All you need is your own health permit (iKitchens can help!), your food handlers certificate, and your food liability insurance!

What Are the Rules Regarding Cleanup?

Renters are responsible for cleaning all pots, pans, and equipment used, as well as wiping down tabletops and cleaning floors around the work station(s) used. They are also responsible for throwing away any trash that is generated and returning any equipment to storage.

What Hours Can I Access the Kitchen?

At iKitchens, we offer multiple customizable packages to choose from. Whether you need the kitchen for just a few hours or you need dedicated space 24-hours a day, we can make it happen!

What Utensils/Equipment are Included?

Each of our kitchens comes stocked with standard commercial equipment such as convection ovens, gas stoves, stock pots, etc. We also have fryers, a flat grill, 20-quart mixers, and a dough sheeter available for use. If you’re looking for something specific — just ask! It’s likely that we already have it, If not, we would be happy to discuss custom-building a space to meet your specific requirements.

Can I Bring In My Own Equipment?

Many times our customers choose to bring some of their own small wares or specialized equipment. While there are many things we can accommodate, there are some we can’t. Please reach out to a member of the iKtichen team for more information.

Can I Store My Ingredients At the Kitchen?

Yes. There is no charge for utilizing dry, cooler, or freezer storage while working in the kitchen under your reserved time. If, however, you are interested in storing your product, ingredients, or equipment there on an on-going basis we ask that you contact us to discuss your needs.

Why Should I Rent Commercial Kitchen Space?

Renting commercial kitchen space comes with many benefits. First, it allows you to invest in your business instead of paying a lot of money for rent or a mortgage. It also saves you a lot of time over having to find a space, having it set up, and getting the appropriate licenses and inspections. Finally, renting a commercial kitchen is less risky and can offer peace of mind.

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Whether you run a catering business, food truck, or you’re in charge of your company’s R&D, iKitchens has the dedicated commercial kitchen space you need to grow your business.

Give us a call and we can schedule a time for you to take a tour of our kitchens and discuss our customized rental packages.

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