What You Need To Know About Commissary Kitchens

Sometimes finding the right space to make your food can be the hardest thing. Here at iKitchens, the top-rated commissary kitchen in San Jose, CA, we want to provide culinary experts of all kinds with a safe and comfortable place to create their dishes. Whether you’re a caterer looking for a place to work, or a budding chef just looking for a space to practice your art, iKitchens is the perfect place for you. However, what exactly is a commissary kitchen? Here are the top things you should know about shared kitchen spaces.

Chef smiling while preparing food in kitchen

Shared Spaces

As we said above, commissary kitchens are shared spaces where many different chefs and culinary experts can gather to create their dishes in a safe and comfortable environment. These kitchens can be rented out by chefs of all levels and are used as they’re needed. So, one day you may work alongside some of the top chefs in the world, or you could have the entire kitchen to yourself.

Person wearing apron cleaning a countertop with a spray bottle and blue sponge

Safety Regulations

Owners of the commissary create a commercial kitchen space where many culinary experts can gather to create and perfect their craft. However, this doesn’t mean that they get to slack on things like safety. The owners have to adhere to all local health and safety regulations along with obtaining and maintaining the required permits. While there may be a lot going on in a commercial kitchen space, you can rest assured that your safety and the safety of others is highly regarded.

A fully equipped kitchen with stovetops, fryers, and oven

Fully Equipped

While you may have the skills to be a world-class chef, you may not always have access to the latest and greatest equipment to help you be your best. Commissary kitchens on the other hand are often fully equipped with everything a chef needs to create their art. From high-quality ovens and stovetops to the newest utensils and appliances that make your job a billion times easier, shared kitchen spaces can provide you with the room and equipment you need to take your career to the next level.

Person stir frying vegetables on commercial stove

Less Maintenance

Some of the hardest parts of owning a restaurant or a private kitchen can be the upkeep. However, when you rent space at a commissary kitchen, you won’t have to worry about keeping up with the condition of the kitchen, as that responsibility will fall to the owner of the shared kitchen space. While you may be required to clean up after yourself, you won’t have to worry about replacing and maintaining costly kitchen equipment that could slow down your growth.

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